The following were elected to serve on the MSTT Board of Directors for the two year term shown.

President Jeff Boschert, National Clay Pipe Inst., St. Louis 2019-2020
Vice President Chris Schuler, Miller Pipeline, Indianapolis, IN 2019-2020
Secretary John Milligan, Vermeer Corporation, Pella, IA 2020-2021
Treasurer Ryan Poertner, Ace Pipe Cleaning, Inc., St. Louis, MO 2019-2020
Rory Ball Brierley & Associates, Independence, OH 2019-2020
Joe Cherry AP/M Permaform, AP/M Permaform, Johnston IA 2019-2020
Rick Gage LMK Technologies, Otawa, IA 2020-2021
Lee Haessig
Cretex Specialty Products, Waukesha WI2019-2020
Nate Hrabosky Hammerhead Mole, Oconomowoc, WI 2019-2020
Shane Jacobson Central Iowa Televising, McCallsburg, IA 2019-2020
Bob JordanCovalen2020-2021
Ed Kampbell
Rehabilitation Resource Solutions, Hillard, OH2019-2020
Kerry Koressel IPEX America, Chesterfield, MI2019-2020
Sarah MahlikTT Technologies, Inc.2020-2021
Robert Martin Jacobs, Milwaukee, WI2020-2021
Steve Matheny Logan Clay Products, West Bloomfield, MI2020-2021
Tod Michael Vermeer Corporation, Pella, IA2020-2021
Catherine Morley RJN Group, Wheaton, IL2020-2021
Steve Peterson SEH, Inc., Sheboygan, WI2019-2020
David Rosenberg Michels Corporation, Brownville, WI2019-2020
John Schroeder CDM, Columbus OH2019-2020
Gary Smolinski OMH Advisors, Livonia, MI2019-2020
Keith WalkerGlobal Brands2020-2021

Executive Director – Leonard Ingram, Engineering Consultants Co., Selma, AL

Assistant – Darlene Tennimon, Engineering Consultants Co., Selma, AL

Due to Covid-19, the 2019 BOD Officers will remain until the 2020 Officers can be elected at the rescheduled 2020 No Dig BOD meeting.
Any questions to be directed to Leonard Ingram at 334.872.1012 or Email Leonard