Officers & Directors

MSTT Elected Board of Directors and Officers for 2023

The following were elected to serve on the MSTT Board of Directors (BOD) for the Director Term shown by the MSTT Membership. The 2024 MSTT BOD Officers were elected by the 2024 MSTT BOD at the 2024 Annual BOD and Membership meeting in Providence, RI on April 14, 2024.

Year 2023 & 2024
Chris Schuler, Miller Pipeline, Indianapolis, IN2023-2024
Vice President
Year 2023 & 2024
Ryan Poertner, Ace Pipe Cleaning, Inc., St. Louis MO2023-2024
Year 2023
Robert Martin, Jacobs, Milwaukee, WI2022-2023
Year 2023, 2024, 2025
Steve Matheny, Logan Clay Products, West Bloomfield, MI2022-2023
Past PresidentJeff Boschert, National Clay Pipe Institute, St. Louis MOEx Officio
Joe CherryAP/M Permaform, Johnston IA2023-2024
James CobbBlack & Veach, Rockford MI2024-2026
Luke EricksonDelve Underground2024-2026
Mike FiglioMichels Corporation2024-2026
Rick GageMTC/Aegion, Otawa IA2024-2026
Shane JacobsonCentral Iowa Televising, McCallsburg, IA2023-2025
Mark OnkenBolton & Menk, Inc.2024-2026
Gregg PattonTrelleborg Seals & Profiles2024-2026
John TrypusCitizens Energy Group2024-2026
Keith WalkerGlobal Brands2024-2026

Executive Director – Leonard Ingram, Engineering Consultants Co., Selma, AL

Assistant – Darlene Tennimon, Engineering Consultants Co., Selma, AL

Any questions to be directed to Leonard Ingram at (334) 872-1012 or